Husk Creative

We are Husk.
We deliver killer creative that gets results and we would LOVE to help your business grow.

The Huskies

The Huskies are a diverse bunch - we are curious, interested, friendly and of course, extremely good-looking! ;) We get a kick out of discovering what makes your business tick, of developing creative that tells your story in the right way and appeals to your unique audience. This bunch are the heart and soul of our studio and we will pour our heart and soul into everything we do for you.

Louise Giles

Director, Designer, Developer, Wanna-be Cop

Jeffrey Tang

Studio & Client Manager, Marvel-manic, Closet Metallica Fan

Kate Coppens


Mel Skinner

Office Manager, Streamliner, Finger in all the pies-er

Iliane McEwen

Web Administrator, Collector of information, Serial tear jerker-ee, Stripe fanatic

Sabrina O'Brien

Web Ninja, Minimalist, Vegetarian, Board-game Lover

Phil Botha

Web Tech Genius, Multitalented Designer-er & Sugar-free Veteran

Katie Che

Design Manager, Brainstormer, Eats-Everything-er

Steph Norman

DESIGNER, dreamer, ski slope shredder

Rikki Bendall

Accounts Guru, Secret Surfer

Some of our clients include

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